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Regarding Finances

Before you begin your care at the Rehrig Chiropractic & Wellness Center, it is important that financial considerations be addressed. Let us first begin with the affirmation of our purpose as provider of your care. We are dedicated to providing you with the best that we have to offer, regardless of your financial status. We treat YOU, not your insurance company. It is important to us that you achieve the results that you seek . . . that you do get well!

Why is it important to us? First and foremost, because we CARE! Furthermore, we pride ourselves in the fact that our practice is largely built upon referrals from our satisfied patients. If you do not get well, how could we expect you to refer as others do?

You will need to be able to follow your recommended treatment plan in order to achieve those desired results in order to get well. It is also our goal to assist you to overcome any potential financial obstacles to your ability to commit to your care at our office. We ask that you communicate any financial concerns that you may have at any time during the course of your care so that we have the opportunity to explore the possible remedies.

For Patients with Insurance

In today’s healthcare market, it is more accurate to state that insurance will pay TOWARDS your care, not necessarily FOR your care. Coverage varies widely from plan to plan. There may be limitations in your plan’s coverage. Deductibles and co-pays vary as well. We will verify your coverage and ascertain your financial responsibilities in accordance with your plan.

After you have received your treatment recommendations, our billing specialist will sit down with you to answer your questions and address your concerns, if any.

For Patients with Medicare

Medicare pays for TWELVE visits in a calendar year. They pay only for Spinal Manipulation [“adjustments”] – but they will not pay for any other procedures performed by chiropractic doctors such as, examinations, physical therapy modalities, orthotics, x-rays, etc.

After you have reached your twelve visit limit, there is a form that you will need to complete which acknowledges that you are aware of the financial responsibility to pay if Medicare does not allow for extension of your benefits. We may apply for extension of benefits by demonstrating the medical necessity to Medicare, however there is no guarantee that an extension would be granted.

For Patients without Insurance

After you have received your treatment recommendations, our billing specialist will sit down with you to explain the fees and to discuss your payment options. We do of course accept credit card payments.

At the Rehrig Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we have several options that offer significant savings if you have the ability to pre-pay for a course of treatment in advance.

For ALL Patients with or without Insurance . . .

One option that you may wish to consider for all or any part of your financial obligation for your treatment is CareCredit®.

CareCredit® is a credit provider that will finance your care. Ask for a brochure if this of potential interest to you. Or, visit their website at We will be pleased to assist you with your application.

Once your ACUTE care has been completed you may choose to continue your care to maintain your progress with participation in our Chiropractic Wellness Plan. Insurance plans typically pay only for acute care to attain symptom relief, but not for health improvement. We offer TWO options for the Chiropractic Wellness Plan. You may pre-pay TWELVE Preventative Monthly Office Visits OR pre-pay SIX Preventative Monthly Office Visits. Pre-PAID Treatment Plans offer discount savings to those who choose that option.

The Pre-Paid Chiropractic Wellness Plan DOES NOT INCLUDE X-rays, orthopedic supports, nutritional supplements, or exercise equipment.


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